Sunday, January 25, 2009

Something Google This Way Comes

This is an exciting moment for any new blog owner: I think Google just cruised me. That is, I think the Google "spiders" checked out my site, looking over each post to see what it's about, evaluating whether to link to me or not, and how prominently to rank me in search results.

This is exciting, because on my own, without any search engines linking to me, I've been able to drive 100 visits to Print To Online in four days. That's pretty good, I think, but once Google starts pointing information seekers to me -- I shudder to think. I could be looking at another 10 or 20 visitors a day!

Anyways, here's yet another screenshot from my sitemeter search results, showing Google visited Print to Online for 16 minutes tonite. We'll see in a few days whether they liked me or not.

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