Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Next Step: Claim Your Blog on Technorati

Your next move is more setup: Go to Technorati and claim your blog.

To do this, go to Technorati. Hover your mouse over Blogger Central. Scroll down and CLICK Claim Your Blog. Follow the directions there to claim your blog.

Why do this? Long story long:

If you want traffic on your blog, there's a number of things you need to do to be picked up by Google, which can send you lots of traffic.

1. Get other people to link to you. This increases your "authority"
2. Use effective keywords in your posts and headlines
3. Do other stuff, like adopt your blog on Technorati, and add a "Favorite this Blog" button to your blog. The more people "favorite" you, and link to you, the higher your ranking in the blog universe will be, and the more traffic Google will send you.

Check out all the many widgits/gadgets Technorati makes available to you for free here.

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