Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reminder to new bloggers: Change your comment settings!

Chrys Wu, Editorial and social media strategist for, tried to comment on the Flickr photo post I made a few days ago, but couldn't, because I'd forgotten to change Blogger's comment settings.

Blogger's default comment settings only allow registered users to comment. So unless you have some reason for preferring comments by registered Blogger users, you should change your settings to allow everyone to comment.

To do that, CLICK the SETTINGS tab (upper left), then click on COMMENTS. Under "Who Can Blog" select Anyone. This will allow anyone to comment. If you chose this setting and then start to get a lot of crazy anonymous comments, you can always make it more restrictive later.

So, what did Chrys try to post? Here's her comment:

"Just read your latest entry on Creative Commons search. Had trouble posting this as a comment on your blog, so I'm posting it here: In addition to Flickr advanced search, you can search several sites for Creative Commons-licensed content on"

Thanks for the tip on the great resource Chrys.

Readers, where do you go to find photos you can use on your blog? Keep the tips and questions coming!


  1. thanks, wasn't sure which setting to use myself, or if there were really any reason to not set it to open to everyone.

  2. for the blogger blogs, it's weird...i've set the comment settings to anyone who wants to comments. however, the problem is, i would still like to address them by name! but either u use the IDs or u set urself as anonymous to comment...not quite right!!

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