Thursday, February 12, 2009

Legal Guide for bloggers

If you are a blogger you should definitely know about and read the Electronic Frontier Foundation's legal guide for bloggers. If you don't know about the EFF's Legal Guide, now's a great time to check it out -- the guide has just been updated with new FAQs and info.

If you're wondering what exactly libel is and how it works, how copyright works, what do if you get sued for something you blogged, check out the guide.

If you are blogging and have never had a class in media law or any other way of getting info about legal issues you could encounter as a publisher -- please, definitely check out the guide. If you just launch into publishing without first reading up on the law, you may be breaking the law without even knowing it! And as we know, "I didn't know" probably isn't going to help you in front of a judge.

There is no more. Ignore the "Read More" prompt!

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